Activate & Start using Nokia BEST software on Infinity Box in 5 Minutes

Yes ! Nokia BEST software activation is fully automated now !

1) Log on to Infinity Online Services
2) Click Product Price List
3) Enter your Infinity Box SN next to BB5 Easy software activation for Infinity Box and click BUY ( Note you should have 150 Infinity credits in your account to buy the activation )
4) Confirm Purchase
5) Download dongle manager and upgrade your dongle
6) Download latest BEST software (Ver. 1.30 or higher) , It will ask for your email id and Name, complete the registration
7) Automatically and instantly your activation file will be generated and placed in BEST folder
8) Restart BEST Software, You can now start using BEST Software on infinity Box

Prices is here:

It is now possible to downgrade all BB5 phones using BEST Dongle

Latest Nokia RAPU21 phones - Now fully supported by Infinity BEST Dongle

Enjoy Servicing Nokia phones with Infinity Nokia BEST software