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    Volcano MTK_V1.0K Best Ever PowerFull Virus Clean-Charging Mode After Flash for NAND

    VolcanoBox MTK V1.0K

    • Released For VolcanoBox Users
    • Released For Merapi Users
    • Released For Inferno Key Users

    >>>>> What's new in VolcanoBox MTK_V1.0K ? <<<<<

    VolcanoBox 3.0 A.K.A. INFERNO MTK V1.0K

    • World's 1st Added New Algorithm for Virus
      • eMMC Only
        • Very powerful Algo. added to remove viruses.
        • Tested those phones which Infinity Buggy team Failed to clean viruses....
        • if anyone needs contact me private for proofs

    • Added PowerOff/Charging mode After any operation
      • Nand (new) & eMMC

        • This is very useful specially for those phone which have battery inside. Inferno will automatically Force Phone to Leave Bootloader mode and come into charging mode.
        • You don't need to press and hold volume and power button to force phone leave bootloader mode.

    • Fix MTK6573 flash serco and userdata failed while flash full.

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    $$$$$$$$ Win 3 month of inferno activation $$$$$$$$

    Best Regards,
    Management Team

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    Good day admin, my suggestion is that the team should re-think about inferno dongle. The best thing is that you people should make inferno dongle be an activation key for volcano box. For instance many of us has bought inferno dongle thinking that it will be use as activation key for volcano box.
    Second; many us of has volcano box and we have also bought inferno dongle without activation, now let us look at it if we activate inferno dongle definately our volcano box will be useless.
    Thanks and God bless.

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