VolcanoBox MTK V1.0M

  • Released For VolcanoBox Users
  • Released For Merapi Users
  • Released For Inferno Key Users

>>>>> What's new in VolcanoBox MTK_V1.0M ? <<<<<

VolcanoBox 3.0 A.K.A. INFERNO MTK V1.0M

  • Added extented Read info before Flash factory file.
  • Added show ram size of connected phone.
  • Added Usb port name when connect phone.
  • Add Analise Preloader feature.
  • Improve Emmc MTK6572 Factory File.
  • Improve NAND yaffs2 read pattern lock.
  • Fixed NAND yaffs2 flash full failed。
  • Fixed NAND yaffs2 write userdata failed while write factory file。
  • Improved & Fixed NAND 6573 backup userdata success but the data error
  • Fixed Activation code error bug
  • Added outdate (Expiry_Date) display on the Main screen of Software
  • Added android_info.txt success/failed log.
  • Improved & Fixed some phone create android_info.txt failed.

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