KeraVe Hair
Straightening irons are an essential for most women as it is uncommon to have poker-straight hair all day, everyday. The most efficient way to obtain a perfectly straight look with your extensions is to straighten them separately (as long as Hair Style Videos is detachable) and then attach them. Irons come in a range of styles and settings to allow you to adjust the heat. It is usually not necessary to use the top heat in order to create long lasting straightness so try using a temperature of around 160 180 degrees.

When you buy a KeraCare Styling Wax Stick, it is applied directly to the hair. The process is similar to using lipstick or deodorant. While the wax is solid, it got soft once I combed through my hair. One interesting aspect of this KeraCare Styling Wax is that it shows markings from hair strands when used. The Hair Styling product is useful in winter and summer months.

However, after the new photos of the Hanna Montana star's new hair emerged, it seems she may be trying to hide her new tresses... or maybe her exposed head skin was just cold.