Sorry by me speak english.

My GCPROKey has a locked, i need unlock my dongle.

I don't have contact support team GCPROKey, Any can help me please! :c

Using 1.23
Checking server connection...
Server access ok..
Making sure card is locked or not..
session fail Card Locked..
Fail cardos Card Locked..
Fail to get card os read details...
Reading Details..
Card Lock Reason := FcLBEcAwCAOwlXCKQ/0MUPYfKdeTYPVV1Ly9TI2dSpsmfII8enCM5j8wXLtmVVJKb10=
This GCPro is not Allowed to UPDATE or Register, Contact reseller..
GCPro SN := GC8F61xxxx
Fail at unlock card please contact support...
Job finish
Do not lost delete old logs they may help some time to fix your issue fast..Show log to support team in case of error...05-02-2018-16-36-14 Using 1.23