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    Unhappy My GC pro key card lock problem i try to update server not allowed it Please Help me GC Pro Team

    Checking GCPro Card Details...
    Sorry No GCPro Connected, Please check its connected or not..
    Job finish
    01-11-2019-04-59-58 Using 1.31
    Using 1.31
    Checking GCPro Card Details...
    Reader := Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader 1
    Checking server connection...
    GCPro SN GC88416BE2
    Card OsVer 0003
    session fail Card Locked..
    Fail to start session with card upd...
    Fail getactivation Card Locked..
    Card Lock Reason := FcLJEcAwCASwljBg2Dw5+y/Jk5Gww11MJNzH7UYLrokpozO08sTE/nIaWEp36Q+aUg8=
    CARD UUID:= 0159069112F2E01FE8340291FDB76C51AE4774D6
    Card crypto verify ok..
    Server Reply Error := ERR_CARD_Already_Updated.
    session fail Card Locked..
    Fail to start session with card fun4upd...
    Contact GCPro Team or Reseller to allow update...
    Job finish
    01-11-2019-05-00-47 Using 1.31

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    Sorry for delay team was on holiday due to festival.
    Your issue is already solved by skype gcpro_support.

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