They interviewed him after and he believed the ball had touched. That would have left the chunk reside, and he scored a touchdown. This play was gone over by Pat, who is among the finest Mut 20 coins punters in history.

Says"nothing to challenge" when clearly that is not a catch in bounds

Doesn't Madden lock the challenge button also as soon as you examine the replay? I believe I recall that being a feature but I honestly forget. It is not even sensible. The coach has either looked in the Jumbotron to watch a replay, or has someone in his headset saying throw the red flag once they watched an HD replay in the booth.On very top of that what you see on the playoffs does not even matter most of the time. It almost appears to be a challenge is a coin flip to find out if the play stands is reversed. It's nuts.

Trainers can not watch a quick replay before hard, can they? Question there. Can they do that? I understand ages ago they could not, did not know if tech obtained there. If it's still a no then realism is your answer. They used to see that the jumbotron for the playoff game there for the longest time, is dependent upon how fast the other team snaps. Teams for, idk the Mmoexp past half decade at least, have replay teams at the booth that will watch the replies then relay to the coach if it's worth challenging or not. To answer your question, yes they can.