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    Can't Unlock S8 + G955F(solved)

    Error to unlock S8+ G955F

    Using Version...
    Selected Port SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port COM8
    Selected Model GT-I5500
    Selected Task SAMSUNG Exynos Unlock

    SAMSUNG Exynos Unlock started...
    Searching phone...
    Phone Found Please Wait...
    Version := G955FXXS2CREF
    BuildDate := May 18 2018 01:35:34
    CHIPID := 03550000
    Device Sn := ce031713f2f8272902
    Device Imei := 358792084769207
    Server Reply Error := ERR_Unsupported Version Please contact support
    Unsupported Security := G955FXXS2CREF18052018013534
    Please Wait while...
    Loader Ok Starting task...
    Checking Backup...
    Reading Backup...
    Please wait till submit backup to support team automatically...
    FAIL To upload backup.....Thank you for your backup, We will make it supported as soon as possible...

    !!! Fail !!!!
    Total Time Take...00:08:06

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    We have answer you on live chat too.
    Please use one platform for help. we can not comment every place where you posted.

    "FAIL To upload backup" log say its failed to upload.. just retry and wait till upload finish.

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