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    Angry LG X210MAL unlock issue

    Using Version...
    Selected Model LG Android
    Selected Task TMB Unlock(ADB)

    Searching ADB device Please wait..
    Device Detected...
    SELinux := Enforcing
    model:= LM-X210(G)
    LG TMB Unlocking Started...
    SU Version..18.0:MAGISKSU (
    Device is Secure Rooted..uid=0
    Reading Please Wait..
    Please Wait while...
    Please wait starting task...
    Device Sn := LMX210G6e6fa8a6
    Device Imei := 357093098206877
    Factory Ver := LMX210MAAT-00-V10l-LAO-COM-OCT-03-2018-ARB00+0
    Server Reply Error := ERR_BAD_IMEI OR SERVER DOWN TRY Again after few minutes..

    Fail to check server...

    !!! Success !!!!
    Restart Phone if not auto...
    Total Time Take...00:01:10

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    Clear said we support LG with clean security if server reply BAD IMEI means its not supported.
    You can try such phone after few hrs if still same nothing we can do at moment.

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