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    General Features Of A Scientific Article As A Genre

    Signs of a scientific article? Everyone knows that an article is a genre used to a greater extent in periodicals (newspapers, magazines), we read more than a dozen articles a year in newspapers or the Internet, so we have a general idea of the genre. Writing one is a whole different ordeal that you might want to contact write my paper over, though. However, not all articles read are scientific.

    Scientific articles stand out among others with the following features:

    • small volume (3-5 pages of the edition);
    • analytical nature (scientifically grounded reasoning about the problem, its analysis and certain conclusions in accordance with the tasks set);
    • in the center of the article there is one narrow problem, it is not worth splattering on more, since the volume does not allow it;
    • a clear sequence of presentation of the topic, which can be presented in the form of a logical chain: the main thesis (preferably with justification of the novelty and relevance of the selected topic) - arguments (the basis for them should be other scientific sources) - conclusions (most often about the prospects for the development of the topic or its practical implementation, or both);
    • traditional composition, which correlates with the peculiarities of presentation (annotation is a summary of the content, introduction is the main thesis, the main part is arguments, conclusions, list of sources);
    • laconicism (this concerns "water" in the text - it should not be). Removing all the water from your text can be done by editors working at if you don't have the time for it yourself;
    • the reliability of all the examples and facts given;
    • at the end of the articles there is a list of bibliography used by the author when writing the text (some publications omit this element, but serious newspapers and magazines always require bibliography);
    • a special set of linguistic units: scientific terms, scientific clichés;
    • vernaculars, dialectics, diminutive words and other vocabulary that are outside the scope of the scientific style are not used.

    Varieties of articles

    Directions of scientific articles. Due to the fact that the genre of a scientific article quickly gained popularity, today it has a rather ramified system of varieties, the most common of which are:

    • theoretical scientific articles (development of a theory based on existing scientific materials);
    • the scientific article itself presents information about the results of the research carried out by the author;
    • review articles "collect" a heap of information about the problem from different sources, analyze the degree of study of the problem and its individual aspects (in the historical context or at the present stage). To collect a lot of information, has an entire team dedicated to gathering sources;
    • a polemical or controversial scientific article is written as a response to the work of another researcher;
    • a popular science article (we are familiar with this type from school textbooks and children's encyclopedias) is designed for a wide range of readers, therefore it assumes a minimum of terminology, scientific clichés and dilution of basic information with scientific facts;
    • marketing (advertising, PR article) is a relatively young variety, which is dictated by the peculiarities of modern society, in which the framework of the scientific style is blurred and penetrates into journalism, which is especially indicated in the lexical composition of texts. Small in volume, since its purpose is to attract the attention of the reader and quickly acquaint him with the topic.

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