Baymount Resort Ain Sokhna

Enjoy stunning views of the sea and mountain landscape at Baymount Resort Ain Sokhna
Enjoy seeing the mountainous landscapes from the highest peak inside the first mountain elevator in the resort. The real estate developer was keen to make the project integrated and include all the services and features that you may need without leaving the resort. The real estate developer has chosen a special location to establish the project in an attractive place for many customers and lovers of beach and mountain life together.

Baymount was established on a very large space of ​​about 76 acres, and this is enough space to accommodate all units of chalets, villas, townhouses, twin houses, and lofts, which came at competitive, imaginative, and different prices to suit all customers and so that each customer can choose what is appropriate with him according to his financial and family needs.

You can enjoy the sea, beach life, blue waters, soft white sand, and a distinctive and unique atmosphere that gives psychological comfort and clarity of mind, next to the mountains and mountainous areas, and there is a house on the mountain for adventure lovers, and the project includes several advantages and various services.

Hurry up to book your unit inside the most luxurious and prestigious resort in Ain Sokhna, where its unique location offers all the services and features you need, in addition to the first mountain elevator and floating restaurants on the sea.

Enjoy the magic of nature inside the most luxurious and prestigious tourist resort and enjoy a strategic location attractive Baymount Sokhna Resort
The company established the distinctive Baymount Ain Sokhna in a wonderfully strategic location in the heart of Ain Sokhna to be close to all main roads and axes, to make it very easy to reach, and also enjoy its proximity to important vital projects and services. The project is located in the heart of Ain Sokhna; Where it is located before the city of Galala at an altitude of 240 square meters above sea level, the village was built on 17 terraced terraces.
Baymount is located near several important and vital places such as:

Baymount is close to the port of Galala.
It is located near the ambush of Zafarana Road and Gulf of Suez Road, 15 minutes away from them.
Baymount is located near the Monte Galala project, Ain Sokhna.
It is located near the Carnelia Ain Sokhna resort.
And its proximity to several other distinguished projects, including Palmera Azure Ain Sokhna.
Baymount Resort is 5 minutes from Porto Sokhna.