This department should be called Road Assistance Dąbrowa Grnicza , but we are still prepared and ready to accept any customer's request. We treat our contractors as brothers, and this is the first step to provide roadside assistance also to those who use much smaller passenger cars or BUS vans . All our teams are located throughout Silesia and Zagłębie Dąbrowskie , and each of them is prepared to tow various vehicles, naturally with special tuning for passenger cars and vans .
You can always have a defect on motorways the A1 and S1 or DK94 . The optimal solution in this situation is to call Megatrans , especially if it happens to you in the Dąbrowa Grnicza area , because it is reliable roadside assistance and towing cars. In the meantime, the question should be asked - Does the car need to be towed immediately? Mobile Mechanic is now an absolutely routine service, and if we add specialized staff to the mechanic, we will reach you with a reliable mechanical and body shop. Therefore, perhaps we will eliminate the problem at the scene of the incident or in our service.
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