Question: where can i get an account to work with J.A.U?

Question: What is J.A.U?
Answer: J.A.U is a Multifunctional Mobile Unlock and Repair Software.

Question: What kind of Phones did J.A.U support?
Answer: For now J.A.U can be used to unlock nearly all Huawei Modems, is possible to unlock BB5+ Phones SL1 + SL2 (with not protected pm308 field), and repair Simlock of BB5+ Phones.
Can do SX4 Authorization (probably the best SX4 Server Online)!
Can do Simlock RPL. Can Rebuild PM120 Field.
Can Unlock HUAWEI E220 and E960 ALL FIRMWARES.
Can Unlock all NOVATEL MERLIN DATACARDS (ExpressCard, PCMCIA, Moduls).
We work on more Brands and Updates!
(More to come)

Question: Can i change IMEI Numbers with J.A.U?
Answer: No! - J.A.U is not a software to be used for illigal things.

Question: Can J.A.U repair simlock confg key "00000000"?
Answer: Yes, but only BB5+ SL2 phones are supported.
And if Simlockkeys (in PM field 120 subblock 1,2) are not overwriten!

Question: Can i Unlock Phones with protected PM308 Fields like N96, 5800 and so on?
Answer: No! Not now, but we work on it ;o)
But J.A.U have some protection, so you can try if you dont know, J.A.U will not demage your Simlock
data, if phone have protected fields.

But YES you can, but you need to crossflash the Phone for Unlocking... (Video Manual is on the way).

Question: Can i Unlock / Repair invalid Simlocks for SL1 Phones like: 5200, 5300, 6300, N95...
Answer: YES! now you can unlock your SL1 Phones with ORIGINAL SIMLOCK TABLE!
Phone seems to be unlocked per Unlockcode! (NO WARANITY LOSS!)
Simlock Repair, Simlock Binary Uploading, Phone Locking ---> SUPPORTED!
J.A.U is the only one Tool witch is able to Repair SL1 Providerkey: 0000000000000000
with just one click!
All other Tools need to have Providerkey: FFFFF.... to be able to repair simlocks, but after
repair SD will be erased and Phone will randomly restart itself!
With J.A.U it is no Problem if HASH & ROM is supported.

more will be posted soon