Medusa Box v2.2.8 is out!

Added support for:
Samsung SCH-R960, LG E410I, LG E415G, LG E430GO!

Medusa Box v2.2.8 Release Notes:

- Added support for the following models:

Samsung SCH-R960 - added Dead Boot/Device Repair.
LG E410I - added Dead Boot Repair.
LG E415G - added Dead Boot Repair.
LG E430GO - added Dead Boot Repair.

- Added new Core ID (007740E1) for MSM8225 CPU.
- Uploaded new Repair and Full flash files for Samsung SGH-I337 (UCUEMK2 Android 4.3, UCUFNB1 Android 4.4.2).
- All pinouts and Repair procedures are described in Software manuals ("Help" button in Software).

Medusa - Ultimate Breakthrough in the Phone Repair!

Download Medusa Box v2.2.8