Using Version...
Selected Model LG Android
Selected Task Sprint Unlock

Searching ADB device Please wait..
Device Detected...
SELinux := Enforcing
model:= LG-LS997
Android Version:= 8.0.0
Description Version:= elsa_spr_us-user 8.0.0 OPR1.170623.032 1819814314eb7 release-keys
Platform:= msm8996 [ elsa ] [ ]
Baseband:= MPSS.TH.2.0.1.c3-00058-M8996FAAAANAZM-1.155473.1.156374.2
Factory Ver := LGLS997AT-00-V20a-SPR-US-JUL-17-2018-ARB01+03
Model & Firmware Ver := LGLS99720A
Carrier := SPR
Security Patch := 01-07-2018
ABI:= arm64-v8a SDK Ver:= 26
Simstatus:= READY
ANDROID-ID = LGLS9971db3c86f_0000AFF761
Device is not rooted

LG Sprint Unlocking Started..
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Loader Ok Starting task...
not found data lgsprx123..
task fail restart phone and redo...

Fail to Unlock phone contact support..
Fail at preparing..
Restart Phone if not auto...
Total Time Take...00:00:28

please help me
security july 2018